Most families do not realize that an individual who is a wartime veteran may be eligible to receive almost $2,000.00 per month from the Department of Veterans Affairs. This improved pension helps families offset the considerable costs of assisted living and/or in-home health care. Additionally, a surviving spouse of a wartime veteran may be entitled to a significant pension to cover their own increasing medical expenses. A complete estate plan provides security and peace of mind, whether that involves obtaining additional income for a loved one or planning for the unexpected.

Elder Law & Estate Planning

Estate planning is an essential component in protecting yourself and your loved ones.​

Proper estate planning allows families and individuals to maintain control of their affairs while sparing their loved ones of the expense, delay and frustration associated with court intervention and supervision when a loved one passes away or becomes disabled.

  • Estate Planning
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Veterans Benefits Planning
  • Special Needs Planning


  • Trust Administration
  • Disability Planning
  • Probate Matters

A complete estate plan takes into account a number of different matters

These matters include asset preservation, providing for incapacity, providing for minor children, avoiding probate, addressing potential tax implications and obtaining the benefits that individuals so greatly deserve. Potential benefits may include Medicaid for nursing home care and Veterans Benefits for aid & attendance.